State Deputy's Message

September 2018

After the long days of summer, with kid’s home from school, ball games, swimming and possibly squeezing in a vacation, most of us have settled back into the routine of life that seems to reset itself every September.

That means that your Council’s Meetings and activities should settle back into a routine nature!  If your Council has not done so, make certain that Forms 185 (Report of Officers), 365 (Service Program Personnel Report) and 1295 (Semi-Annual Council Audit Report) have been completed and submitted to the appropriate distribution list.

Remember that each “new” Fraternal Year is another year and another opportunity to be successful.  Let’s make this year an exceptional year. Your Council should have had a representative at the District/Regional Meeting in your area and your Council should have gotten copies of the Official State Directory, the Programming and Membership Guide, Fraternal Success Planners, the necessary forms, books and everything and anything else you will need to insure your Council’s success.  If you still have not gotten this information, please call your District Deputy. If you can’t get a hold of him, email me (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) and I will help you.

Remember that Charity is and will always be the first principle of our Order.  Your Council should be planning programming activities to take place throughout the year.  These activities should be in the four new “Faith in Action” programming areas, including Faith, Family, Community and Life.  Activities in these areas can include, but should not be limited to State and/or Supreme sponsored programs.  Listen to your membership and give them the opportunity to contribute their special talents to your council. As Grand Knight, ask for their help and keep them busy!  Busy councils are successful councils.

Last month I asked and encouraged you to start recruiting new members to help carry out the charitable works of the Order.  I mentioned the Order wide membership drive in October, and suggested that your council order any pamphlets, flyers and/or posters so they will be available for your Council’s recruitment drive.  Your Council still has time if you haven’t gotten this done, but don’t delay any longer! If you don’t order soon, your order may be too late to help you with your October membership drive!

This year, our Supreme Consultant, Ray Lopez, spoke about why it is important that a council achieve the Star Council Award.  This award identifies success in three very important facets of our Order, and will pay dividends in the future.  First, it identifies success on the most basic level:  Charity. Second, it recognizes the Council’s efforts to spread fraternalism by recognizing the membership growth necessary to maintain a vibrant council.  Finally, it acknowledges your Council’s commitment to the well-being of its members who have taken the necessary steps to ensure that, in the event of an untimely tragedy, the member’s families will be financially secure.

The Star Council Award is indicative of a successful year.  Why not have your year as Grand Knight be recognized as a successful year?

Vivat Jesus

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