State Deputy's Message

October 2018

What does it mean to be a member of the Knights of Columbus?  The answers vary with everyone.  For some it means supporting our priests, our seminarians and religious through the Adopt-A- Seminarian program.  For other, it means raising funds to assist people with intellectual disabilities through our annual “Tootsie Roll” program.  Others promote the culture of life during Respect Life Month. Still others support the needy, sick, elderly or the youth in our communities.  Being a Knight means these and more.  They are all experiences we have come to know as Knights members.  Therefore, we join the Knights of Columbus, to help others in times of need.

Being a Knight also means asking other Catholic men and their families to join in our cause.  Being a member is an experience they will cherish for a lifetime.  For our Order to continue to grow and do more and greater things for our Church, we should always ask others to join us in supporting our programs.  This could be your son, nephew, friend, neighbor or co-worker.  Invite them to celebrate our Faith.  While the example of our daily lives and our service programs may spark some interest in the Knights of Columbus, we must take the next step and ask them to join us.  Each new member has his own talents to add to the Order and his council. Once a new member has taken his Admission Degree, use his talents by encouraging him to take and active role within the council.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, Family, Fraternal, Service Organization.  We must each do our part if we are to continue to merit this distinction.  As we plan our council activities and recruitment efforts let us do so by asking ourselves. Are we doing all we can for our fellowman? Are we truly “Welcoming one another as Christ has welcomed you” – Putting our Faith in Action?

You may or may not receive the November Explorer by Election Day, so I will send this message out a month early. There are many issues that politicians support and defend that will have an effect on Catholic values. Among these are our Religious freedoms, Culture of Life issues and other high profile moral issues. I ask council leaders, district deputies, state officers, directors, chairmen, general and field agents, past state deputies, and Fourth Degree Assemblies to help spread the message to get out and vote. As citizens of the United States, we have the right to vote. While the Knights of Columbus is a 503c(8) non-profit organization, we as Catholics, have the opportunity to vote for candidates who will support policies consistent with Catholic values. Educate yourself about where candidates stand on issues. While the Knights of Columbus cannot endorse political candidates or engage in any partisan political activity in the name of the Knights of Columbus, we can identify the political views of candidates and inform council membership of these political views. Please be sure to vote.

Vivat Jesus

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