State Deputy's Message

November 2018

Four months of the fraternal year have been completed.  In six months, we will gather in Manhattan for the State Convention. Your council should have its’ Forms 185 (Report of Officers), 365 (Program Personnel Report Form), and 1728 (Semi-Annual Council Audit) completed and submitted to both the State and Supreme Offices.  Your Council should have scheduled its’ Programming Activities with the new Faith in Action Program, put in place a Membership, Program, Community and Family Directors along with a Retention and E-Member team.  Finally, your Council should have established an Action Plan to both grow and retain its’ members to achieve the “Star Council” award. Now is the time to put your plans into action. Get members signed up and have that degree as soon as possible, don’t put off what can be done now.

I often get asked “why do you guys put so much emphasis on membership?”  The answer is simple: if you are not growing, you are shrinking.  If you are not inviting “new” membership, your membership will get old.  If you don’t recruit, encourage and include new members in all activities, including council offices, your existing membership will eventually drop out, get out, or burn out.  Often, when speaking about the importance of new membership for council’s, I get told that “we have all the membership we need.”  This strategy works great, until the remaining membership gets tired of playing musical chairs with the council leadership positions.  Eventually, these men drop out of all activities and council offices, and then we have either a suspended council, or a closed council.  Both issues, while tragic, are preventable.

I am frequently told that “we have recruited every man in the Parish.  “There is no one left to recruit.” That may be true, but it usually isn’t. Brother Knights, I promise that there is always at least one guy out there that isn’t a member because he either hasn’t been recruited, hasn’t been asked to join, has said no because he hasn’t been sold on the benefits of membership, or maybe, his life situation has changed.  He has gotten married or has a new family member and his insurance needs have changed. Maybe he needs some financial planning or needs to set up a retirement income strategy.  While the Knights offer these benefits, is your council aware of these benefits?  Are your members aware?  If not, invite your Field Agent and host a Fraternal Benefit Night.  I am sure that every Field Agent in the state is prepared to present the benefits of insurance to members and prospective members alike.  We must “Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you.”

November 6 is Election Day.  Make certain that you vote.  We have an obligation to vote.  Our Religious Freedom and Catholic Values are at stake during every election.  This year is no different.  Inform yourself on the views of the Candidates and make your vote count.

November is also special in a couple of other regards.  Veterans Day will be observed on November 12, and Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 22. We should certainly thank the Veterans who have made many sacrifices to fight for and defend our Country, and we should honor the blessings that have been bestowed on each of us. My wife, Jeannie, and I wish each and everyone in the Order in Kansas a blessed Thanksgiving.

Vivat Jesus

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