State Deputy's Message

March 2019

March is Founder’s month, and March 29, in particular, is Founder’s Day. Don’t forget that our founder, the Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney, wanted our Order to be a society of Catholic men, established in every Parish, that would support and defend our Priests, but also provide a financial safety net for Catholic men and their families. For 137 years, the Knights of Columbus have been doing just that. Let prospective members, especially young family men, know what the Order can provide for them. If they joined the Order because of the fraternal benefits, encourage them to join in the works of the Order in support of the Church. If they joined the Knights of Columbus to participate in the works of the Order, let them know about the fraternal benefits that membership avails them, including the Order’s solid insurance and financial programs. Everyone joins for a reason. We simply have to let our members and prospective members know what we have to offer!

We are now in the last third of the fraternal year and four very busy and important months remain. During this time, we will start our Lenten journey that begins with Ash Wednesday, March 6th. We will be preparing for the state convention in Manhattan, May 3-5. And we will be recruiting and holding major degrees to bring new knights into the Order to experience the benefits of membership. There are eight major degrees currently scheduled for March, and four more scheduled for April. I’d suggest that you schedule an Admission Degree in your area, and then advance these members to a major degree in an area near you as soon as possible.

From time to time, a knight’s member, a district deputy, a grand knight, a financial secretary, will ask why our Order puts so much emphasis on bringing in new members. To date since July 1, 2018, Kansas has brought in 597 new members lost 228 to suspensions and 306 to deaths and transfers leaving a Net/Net increase of 63 members. As you can see if our focus loses site of maintaining a high gross number we could easily slip into to a negative Net/Net position.

Kansas can boast that we have one of the highest, if not, the highest percentage of knights per Catholic population in the United States. While this is good, it means that we must work even harder to grow the Order. The “easiest” members have already joined. What is left to recruit from is the guys who will join but will require more effort. Don’t be afraid to make that effort!

I would also like to address a very important issue that we all have been fighting since 1973. That is abortion in our country. I had the opportunity to view a movie that is coming out to combat against abortion. Archbishop Joseph Naumann along with many leaders of different organizations were present at the viewing of the movie Unplanned. The archbishop has given his full support of this movie and asks for the Knights of Columbus to help in promoting the movie that will come out March 29th.

The movie is very powerful in promoting pro-life. It exposes what really happens in Planned Parenthood clinics and the actual process of abortions. This movie left nothing to the imagination. Considering some of the actions from politicians such as Virginia Governor Ralph Northam suggesting that unwanted children can be terminated shortly after birth and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a state law to allow abortion up to the time of birth, I feel it is time to act to combat such evil. The state officers of Kansas all agree that this is the tool to do just that in these extraordinary times. It is very important that all of us go out to see the movie March 29th or within the first week or two of opening. These weeks weigh heavily with the movie theater whether they will continue to show the movie. Let’s show the world that we as Catholic Americans do care about putting an end to the evils of abortion.

In summary for the month of March, I ask you to focus on your Lenten Journey, prepare for the state convention, and conduct a successful spring membership drive. Let’s meet our membership goal! Don’t be afraid to share what you do so that others can also enjoy the many benefits of membership. You might just find your next grand knight, your next district deputy, or even your next state deputy. Mostly, don’t be afraid to put your “Faith in Action” by “Welcoming one another as Christ has welcomed you.”

Vivat Jesus

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