State Deputy's Message

March 2014

Our fraternal year is two-thirds complete and the home stretch remains. What is accomplished in the final one-third of our year will tell the true story of our accomplishments. Our results thus far are to be respected and look encouraging as we are well ahead of last year for dollars collected in the Tootsie Roll Drive and dollars pledged in the Adopt-a-Seminarian Program. Our membership numbers are looking excellent in many parts of the state and the contagious enthusiasm is growing by leaps and bounds in membership recruitment. The Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney is surely smiling at the accomplishments of our charitable acts and growth of his Order in Kansas. However, we must not slow down now because if we quit recruiting and allow suspensions to grow, a historic year could quickly turn into a year of shortcomings. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and cap this year off with teamwork by every member across our state!

We still have several programs to focus on; Our Pro–life efforts must continue as never before. The lives of the unborn are depending on all our efforts and donations to help bring precious lives to fruition instead of to a dismal end. We continue to accept donations for the ultrasound machine fund which has allowed us to place a machine in a clinic here in Kansas so far this year. Our Pennies from Heaven program also needs your support to rebuild our funds after the tornadoes, floods and storms of the past several years.

To make all of our programs flourish and maximize our good works we still need to add members to each and every one of our councils across our state. Has your council done its part to maximize your charitable contributions and to grow our Order so the maximum amount of God’s work can be accomplished? If not, now is the time to start. Your Church and community need your leadership as never before.

Your State Officers recently met with the Bishops of Kansas to report the accomplishments of our Order in this fraternal year. They were proud of and thankful for the hard work of our members across Kansas. We all agreed that we are all a team and we must work together for the honor and glory of God. We must continue to be the “Strong Right Arm of the Catholic Church”. We must all put forth our best team effort to uphold the rich history of membership recruitment in Kansas atop the leader board!

Happy recruiting – I’ll see you in the winner’s circle!

Vivat Jesus.

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