State Deputy's Message

June 2018

The 117th Annual State Meeting of the Kansas State Council of the Knights of Columbus in Overland Park wrapped up on May 6th.  I wish to thank all the Past State Deputies, State Officers, Directors, Chairman, Committee Chairmen, District Deputies, Grand Knights, Delegates, the Convention Host Councils Greeley # 1901 and Olathe # 1913, and most of all, Convention Co-Chairman Ed Miller and Fred Bleedorn, for making this Convention not only memorable, but also very efficiently ran.  It truly was a great experience for me and I am glad that, working as a team, we were able to pull this operation off with very few errors!  Well done!

As we start the last month of the fraternal year, there is still considerable work to be done.  We must make one final push to reach our goals for this fraternal year.  Every council must make an effort by June 30 if we are going to “BECOME THE CORNERSTONE.”

I know that I have mentioned this in previous months in this column, and if you attended the State Convention you probably heard about it, Supreme will offer each council a $4.50 per billable member credit IF that council achieves the coveted Star Council Award! That is right, $4.50 per billable member!  What can this credit be applied to?  Great Question!  How about Supreme per capita, Catholic advertising, for starters!

Many councils are very close to reaching their Star Council goal, only needing one or two members.  Every council has potential for membership growth.  We simply need to continue asking eligible men and their families to join us. Review your parish rosters and visit with your high school graduating class or RCIA candi
dates.  You have nothing to lose by asking and a lot to gain.  The Knights of Columbus has many benefits to offer a new member, his family, his parish and his community.  We just have to get the word out to those who are eligible and not be afraid to ask them to join.  Then, schedule an Admission degree and make them a member.  Remember, to receive the benefits of the Order, the Form 100 must be processed at the Supreme Office by June 29th at 3:00 p.m.

We must be the Cornerstone, in the month of June.  We MUST bring in 200 members in June! We did this last year and I know we can do this again.  Please schedule frequent Admission degrees.  We hold degrees for candidates, we can hold a degree anywhere any time.

There is still time for every council to become active in membership.  There is time for you to meet your goals, but you must act now!  Sign up a new member or reinstate a former member today before the end of this fraternal year.  Let’s make Kansas #1 in membership and attain the Circle of Honor again this year.

Vivat Jesus

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