State Deputy's Message

July 2018

The 2017-2018 fraternal year ended on June 30th, and what a great finish for the Kansas Jurisdiction.  The details of this finish are in our Immediate Past State Deputy Vince P. Melvin III and outgoing State Membership Director John Schulz column.  Every member in the state should be proud of the accomplishments achieved in the areas of Membership, Programming and Insurance Promotion.

I had the privilege of recently attending the State Deputy Training and Installation Meeting in New Haven, Connecticut.  Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson gave the opening presentation.  In his presentation, he talked about the importance of the Knights’ charitable work and emphasized the importance of councils working closely with their pastors and parishes. He also emphasized the new “Faith in Action” program model and its connection to our Building the Domestic Church priority.

The Supreme Knight laid out the “Faith in Action” Plan for organizational success: For Supreme, for Kansas and for each council in our jurisdiction.  These keys are important and I think they are worth repeating in this column:
• New Program Model – Faith in Action. Our supreme Knight said “What the Knights of Columbus is doing in thousands of different ways every day is putting our faith in action. Putting our faith in action in ways that people see and understand and know bring value to people’s lives, bring value to our communities; bring value to our country—whichever country we are living in. So I urge every single council to embrace this program and to carry forward projects within each of these categories.”
• Building the Domestic Church - Our Supreme Knight reminded us “The domestic church is foundational to Faith in Action. Pope Benedict told us that the church has three missions. It has a mission to pray, it has a mission to evangelize, and it has a mission of charity. Our domestic church program simply says the Catholic family has the same mission. It has the mission to pray together, it has the mission to build up each other in the faith, and it has the mission to practice charity among the members of the family and for the family to reach out to other families. How many fewer individual Catholic families would be broken and suffering if we could get our families to pray more, builds up each other in the faith, forgives, and reconciles and practice charity?”
• Building Catholicism – Our Supreme Knight spoke of “What Father McGivney laid out was not the principles of a men’s club or the principles of a secret society. It was a principled way of life for men to live their Catholic faith. We are not just building Columbianism, we are building Catholicism. Let’s think about being a Knight of Columbus like that. Is that not the spiritual genius of Father McGivney? To understand how to build a way of life for men that goes to the central core of what it means to be a Catholic: charity, unity, brotherhood.”
• We are encouraged to be the strong right arm of our parishes. We pride ourselves in being called just that. We cannot do that unless our councils are the strong right arm of their parish priests. That was Father McGivney’s dream—a team of men who would be there for their local pastor.”
• Charity – Doing More. Our Supreme Knight challenged us “When we tout our numbers, it’s not numbers alone, it is lives changed and lives changed in ways that only we can do. But as we go forward this year, let’s do a little more. Let’s ask every council if they can do three, four or five percent more this year. If we do, we are going to change thousands of more lives.”
• Ultrasound Initiative – The Supreme Knight reports “That for every ultrasound machine we place, we are saving an average of two children a week. That’s 100 children a machine. Where can you save 500 lives for $15,000? Where can you save one life for $15,000? And if you talk about the legacy of being a grand knight or the legacy of your council, what if it is saving hundreds of babies.”
• The Knights of Columbus is focusing on spirituality and male faith formation through the Faith in Action Program. This is to support our current members and to attract new members to grow the order and to be more integrated with our parishes.
• The State Council has submitted its Strategic Action Plan, which has been approved by our Supreme Council.  This plan will push membership growth in our councils and supports the new Faith in Action plan in programming and membership.

It is an honor and privilege to serve the State of Kansas as your State Deputy.  I look forward to working and assisting each and every council in the state, and I hope that together, we can build on the success that Kansas has had and maintained and we will continue to grow the Order in both Kansas and worldwide.

Vivat Jesus

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