State Deputy's Message

July 2017

I had the privilege of recently attending the State Deputy Training and Installation Meeting in New Haven, Connecticut.  Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson gave the opening presentation. In his presentation, he stated that the Knights of Columbus did not have to rewrite or revise our mission statement every few years.  Our mission statement was the intent of the Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney 135 years ago when he founded the Order.  Our four principles, Charity, Unity, Fraternity, Patriotism and the ceremonials involved in each of these degrees, state simply and clearly what our mission, our purpose is.

The Supreme Knight laid out the Action Plan for organizational success: For Supreme, for Kansas and for each council in our jurisdiction.  These keys are important and I think they are worth repeating in this column:

• “We have a moral obligation to invite every eligible Catholic man to join the Knights of Columbus.” Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson.  Be membership growth oriented 24/7/365 days a year. Too often, we start our membership efforts in the late Fall.  We must start recruiting now!

• We have implemented the Sunflower Award for Excellence.  The requirements to achieve this award are above and beyond the Star Council Award.

• Last November our Insurance Department surpassed $105 billion of life insurance in force.  Work with your Field Agents, for recruitment and insurance needs.

• The State Council has sent up a fiveyear Action Plan, which has been approved by our Supreme Council.  This plan will push Kansas into the Circle of Honor when followed.  Each council should set up a three to five-year growth plan for membership and programming.

• Building the Domestic Church – While Strengthening our Parishes.  Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson stated this is “not an optional” program.  All councils will implement this into every aspect of the Knights of Columbus.

• Promote all your activities, before an event and after the conclusion of your event.  The more people know the good works we do, the more likely they will want to join our family.

• Dedication – we must have every Knight in Kansas dedicated to fulfilling Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney’s dream.  A council in every Parish, or at least a Knights of Columbus presence in every parish.

• Be open to change, try a new idea or function.

• Utilize your Leadership Team.  The State Officers, State Membership and Program Directors, Directors, Chairman, District Deputies are here to help and assist you.

It is an honor and privilege to serve the State of Kansas as your State Deputy.  I look forward to working and assisting each council in the state, and I hope that together, we can build on the success that Kansas has had and maintained and we will continue to grow the Order in both Kansas and worldwide.

Vivat Jesus

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