State Deputy's Message

January 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR! When Father McGivney founded the Order, he wanted it to be a society of Catholic men, established in every Parish, supporting the Priest in his vocation and mission. This gives every Brother Knight an opportunity to grow in holiness while contributing to his parish, community and security for his family. My brother Knights, our purpose is very clear. As leaders of our organization, we must remember that our purpose, first and foremost, is support of the Catholic Church. This includes, but is not limited to, evangelization and participation in operations of our Parishes. The Faith in Action program gives many examples, including the “RSVP” program, Silver Rose Program, Holy Hour program, the traveling Religious Icon program, Family Prayer Night program, and the Kansas State Councils own Religious Education program.

At the Mid-Year Meeting in Wichita in December, our meetings focused around Membership and these Faith in Action Programs and many more. Following are more points discussed in the meeting and I would ask each of you to take these points to your Council and discuss them at your January Council Officer and/or Business meeting(s). All are important for success this fraternal year, as well as the future of Knights of Columbus as a whole.

On November 2, 2018, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, while addressing the State Deputies at the Mid-Year State Deputy Meeting in Houston, delivered a speech conveying a “Sense of Urgency” for our Order to practice the new “Faith in Action program” which promotes “Building the Domestic Church While Strengthening Our Parish.” He discussed the Challenges Facing the Church. He said “I can tell you that every bishop and priest in the United States is feeling the effects of what’s happening. They are questioning what’s going to happen in the coming year, and they are looking for those Catholics who are going to stand up and move the Church forward. And that’s who the Knights of Columbus must be this year. We must be those men, we must be those leaders, and we must go forward.”

As council leaders, we should be looking at our councils and the path that is being followed and assess whether your council is following the Faith in Action Program which is designed to support our parishes and spiritual life of our members. The Supreme Knight also noted that through the Faith in Action program; Strengthening Families in Faith is paramount for our organization. Part of the design is to help families stay together by praying together. Integrating our families into parish life is one way of helping families and parishes.

There was much discussion at our Mid-Year meeting around membership. Important in our councils is building a culture of recruiting. Online membership is one of the preferred methods for entry into the Knights of Columbus. The Supreme council is also looking for ways to cut down on barriers of entry for new members. One way that is being investigated by Supreme is a paperless Form #100 submission. The goal is for every council obtaining the coveted Star Council Award for the 2018-2019 Fraternal Year. With this effort, we should be asking every available Catholic man to participate in the works of the Order. We are well on our way to achieving the membership goals that Supreme has established for us this fraternal year. Let us move forward towards obtaining those goals. We should continue to “Welcome one Another as Christ has Welcomed You”

To obtain this award it is important to understand the Safe Environment Compliance initiatives. It is critical that each council is compliant by their grand knight, program director, family director, and community director taking the training through Supreme. If a council sponsors a Columbian Squires Circle all circle counselors must complete the training. Please timely comply with the notification that you will receive if you hold any of these offices. This youth protection training is necessary to maintain your office in the council.

I wanted to update everyone on the Ultra Sound machine progress. The Knights had the honor to participate in the blessing of the new machine in Beloit, December 18th. Checks and the final paperwork have been completed for the Olathe Ultra Sound Machine. Dedication for this machine should be in January. Life Director Matt Micek has also just been informed that the funds for the Ottawa mobile unit have reached its goal. This machine is scheduled for dedication in January or February. This is very good news. Of course, the thanks go out to all our brother Knights across the state that has graciously contributed.

The State Council is eagerly working with Council #8488 Manhattan and #1832 Manhattan Seven Dolors in their preparations for the upcoming State Convention in Manhattan May 2 – 5, 2019. Grand Knights should be receiving convention packets in the mail this month. Make sure that your council sends two delegates to the convention. Let’s make the 118th Convention the best ever!

I would also like to announce that Western Kansas General Agent George Spinelli is moving to Missouri to head up an agency. Darin Reed will become the Western Kansas General Agent as of January 1, 2019. We congratulate George on all his hard work over the last 23 years. He will truly be missed. We wish him well on his new endeavors. Also on behalf of all the Knights in Kansas I would like to extend Darin our support in his new role and responsibilities.

Vivat Jesus

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