State Deputy's Message

February 2019

Our District meetings are now complete, and all grand knights should be focused on the remaining five months of fraternal activity. Only three months remain until we meet in Manhattan for our State Convention and the only two more months until the end of our fraternal year after that.

The State Membership team has a plan in place for the next five months to increase membership. There is much activity around new council development, Training, E-Member promotion, College Council Conference, Incentive promotions, council and district visits just to name a few. One of the newest programs will be reaching out to our seniors in Catholic High Schools across the state. I also ask for all your help in obtaining new members to fulfill Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney’s dream. That is to give Catholic laymen a new opportunity – the chance to grow in holiness while contributing to their parishes, communities and security for their families. Your recruitment efforts will help us meet our membership goals. Your council needs new members. Your field agent needs new members. The State needs new members. The Order needs new members. Membership recruitment doesn’t just happen; it takes a concerted effort and a schedule. Please make it happen! Won’t you “Welcome One Another As Christ Has Welcomed You”.

I was privileged to once again participate in the March for Life in Topeka on January 22. It was, an epic event! The Mass, the March, the Rally inside the State Capital Building was truly a great experience! Normally the rally takes place on the south steps of the Capital Building. However, this year it was moved indoors due to the inclement weather that day. The speakers were very inspiring and most of all it was encouraging to see the tremendous enthusiasm of the crowd. Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann as well as Bishop John B. Brungardt, Bishop Carl A. Kemme and Bishop Gerald L. Vincke were in attendance. It was such a joy to have their leadership as well as the Kansans for Life. Let us all continue to pray to put an end to the holocaust of abortion in the United States. I strongly recommend that if you ever get a chance, take the day, travel to Topeka, and participate in the events. It is timely; it is important; it is what we do; it is, quite possibly, the most important event that we participate in to help foster and promote the “Culture of Life.”

In conjunction with the Kansas March for Life Rally, youth from across all four Dioceses participated in the annual “March for Life” event in Washington D.C. This is a tremendous event where 10’s of thousands of individuals from all ages, from all walks of life come together to also try to put an end to abortion. I encourage all councils in the future to help fund these trips so our youth can continue to experience this national rally. Their witness, beliefs and value systems are critical for our future generations.

I am proud of the Kansas participation in the Ultra Sound program. Within the next two months the Knights of Columbus of Kansas will have placed 14 machines across the state. Our pregnancy centers that administer ultra sounds tell us that 4 out of 5 women that have an ultra sound that were considering abortion changes their mind. And let us not forget the effect on dads. Many times, a couple will make the joint decision to seek other alternatives rather than abortion after having an ultra sound.

Council grand knights, program, family and community directors and if your council sponsors a Squires Circle, all circle counselors must complete the Praesidium Safe Environment training.

If you received an email from .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), you will need to complete this training as soon as possible. The Knights of Columbus Supreme Office has contracted with Praesidium Armatus to administer this training as part of the Knights of Columbus Safe Environment Program. This program includes a background check for family and community directors. New this year is the time that you must complete the training after you receive the safe environment training email. Supreme has allowed you 30 days to take this training. If this training does not take place in this time frame the individual will be removed from holding that position in their council. This does not affect membership in any way. To be reinstated his grand knight must reappoint him via the 365 form. At that point this will trigger the process to send out another email training notification. We might ask, why is this approach taken? It is for the safety of our children by identify predators and keeping them away from our children.

Vivat Jesus

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