State Deputy's Message

August 2018

We are already one month into the 2018 – 2019 fraternal year.  The State Officers, Directors and Chairmen have developed an Action Plan for membership and programs to insure the success of the Order in Kansas.  The District Deputies have been installed and have had their weekend of training. The Council Officers should have been installed by their District Deputy.  The Grand Knights and Council Officers, Directors and Chairmen have attended the Regional District Meetings.  Directories, Program and Membership Guides, forms, matrix’s, pamphlets and information have been distributed and discussed.  Now, it is time to put this to work to achieve the coveted Star Council Award or even better the Sunflower Award for Excellence. The measure of success for any team is to end the season as a champion.  The Knights of Columbus is no different.  Each Council should strive for the coveted Star Council Award or reach higher for the Sunflower Award for Excellence.  The Star Council is a measure of a champion that our Supreme Council has identified as the line between average…. or completely successful.

Becoming a champion in any endeavor does not happen by accident.  Rather, it requires dedication, training, educating, preparing and executing the action plan.  It requires dedication and teamwork. The most important ingredient has not been mentioned yet, and it is a four-letter word: WORK!!!!

We must work at all aspects within the Knight of Columbus.  The greatest plans will fail if no one is willing to step up and do the work.  You must do the work to get the job accomplished!

Every council should have frequent Admission Degree dates firmly placed into your Fraternal Leader Success Planners.  You should be planning your fall Church Drives now to take advantage of the membership incentives offered!  Order your materials through Knights Gear, talk with your Pastor, set a weekend or two weekends to conduct your drives and set your Admission Degree no more than one week following your Church Drive. With the new Admission degree on video you could schedule an admission degree the same day or within several days. Even better this is the first year that E-member has been implemented. Members can be brought into the Knights immediately during Church Drives. All that is needed is your Laptop and internet access. This is a great tool to bring in new members and then scheduling them through the admission degree into your council. You are the Leaders in Kansas; our success depends on you.

Our Membership Theme this year is from Romans 15:7 “Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you”. You may also hear our membership team using the short version which is “Welcome one another”. These are powerful words. Reflect on this message. It is encouraging us all to welcome every eligible Catholic man and their family to join our honored Order.  Recruiting new members is essential to the continued growth and well-being of your council and the Order.  Offering a man and his family membership in the Knights of Columbus gives them the opportunity to improve their life and the community in which they live.  Membership allows him to experience the fraternal bond that Brother Knights share while growing closer to his family and his faith.

For your council’s recruiting efforts to succeed, you need to devise an Action Plan and follow it through.  To help you with putting together your plans and retrieve support materials, the following links are located on the Supreme and the State’s websites. They are “” or “”or “”. These sites can help lead you to strategies that your council can implement to execute a successful recruitment campaign and give you a view of the variety of materials available to you.  Use these ideas and materials: to help recruitment efforts, to keep our Order growing, and to give every eligible Catholic man and their family an opportunity to join to put our Faith in Action which is foundational in Building the Domestic Church.

A prospective member wants to know why he should join the Knights of Columbus?  You can inform him of the new program intuitive “Faith in Action” and what your local Council does as leaders in the Parish.

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson said, “The Order has always sought to evangelize and strengthen the spiritual life of our Catholic Families. We are now strengthening our Building the Domestic Church initiative through our new Faith in Action Program model, which encourages councils to do even more in the areas of faith, family, community and life. As Knights of Columbus we will more clearly live in a way that witnesses to the Christian call to holiness, evangelization, charity and social justice.” We must recruit to grow.

We must have frequent Admission Degrees.  We must tell our story to invite eligible men and their families to join us in Building the Domestic Church!

Vivat Jesus

© Knights of Columbus - Kansas State Council
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