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Evangelium Vitae Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize Knights of Columbus councils most effective in promoting the Gospel of Life.

To be eligible for this award a council must be involved in the four-part plan proposed by the U.S. Catholic Bishops; “Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities - A Campaign in Support of Life” from conception to natural death.

Public Information and Education

Required - An educational presentation of at least 45 minutes at councilor parish function on abortion, infanticide, death penalty or euthanasia.
Additional suggested activities:
A Erect a culture of life billboard
B. Conduct a Culture of Life essay contest for the youth
C. Purchase and display a set of fetal models
D. Promote natural family planning

Pastoral Care for Those Who Have Been Affected by Our Culture of Death

Required - To sponsor at least one major fundraiser for culture of life.
Additional suggested activities:
A. Erect a memorial to the unborn
B. Promote Project Rachel
C. Visit nursing homes or elderly shut-ins
D. Assist mothers who have made a life-affirming decision including adoption

Public Policy Efforts for Favorable Culture of Life Legislation

Required - Support the Kansas Catholic Conference’s culture of life legislative agenda. Council sponsored postcard/letter writing campaign or petition drive.
Additional suggested activities:
A. Participation in March for Life rallies, culture of life chains, etc
B. Conduct a Voter Forum, voter registration
C. Support efforts to end the death penalty and better understand the Church’s teaching
D. Conduct a survey of your elected officials

Prayer and Worship

That the Culture of Death That Surrounds Us Today Will Be Replaced by a Culture of Life and Love

Required - A council sponsored rosary before or after Mass at least one weekend each month for the intention of ending the unnatural taking of life.
Additional Suggested Activities:
A Sponsor a Culture of Life Living Rosary
B. Sponsor Culture of Life Stations of the Cross
C. A monthly Mass for Culture of Life Cause and conversion of those in the abortion industry
D. Distribute Holy Cards to students to promote prayer and understanding of Culture of Life


The council must submit report of at least one activity in each of the four areas (additional activities are encouraged) to State Culture of Life Chaircouple by March 20.

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