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Religious Education Fund

Grants to Parishes

The purpose of the Religious Education Program is to provide money to parishes for their Catholic education programs. All parishes who have any Religious Education Program (Catholic School, CCD, Adult Education, etc.) are eligible, but only one check per parish will be issued, except in cases where there is a parish Catholic High School.

All money received from this fund MUST be used solely for the improvement of a religious education program, either in the Catholic grade/high school or in a parish Catholic education program. This would be an improvement a pastor / pastoral administrator / director of religious education or high school chaplain would make if they were given funds over and above their yearly budget.

The steps for participation in the Religious Education Fund are as follows:
1. Grand Knights pick up the request forms from their District Deputy.
2. Grand Knights contact each parish and/or Catholic high school that is part of the council (make additional copies if necessary).
3. The Grand Knight should complete the request form as much as possible and sign it.
4. Give the request form to the pastor, pastoral administrator, director of religious education or the high school chaplain to be completed and signed.
5. Request forms should then be retumed to the State Chaplain, no later than October 1. Give a stamped envelope with the State Chaplain’s address along with the request form to facilitate the mailing of the request.

The State Chaplain and State Officers will review the Religious Education Fund requests during the first part of October and then forward the results to the State Treasurer. The amount of money to be dispersed will be determined during the mid-winter meeting during December. The Grand Knight should receive a check by the end of December. The State Council asks that, if possible, the Grand Knight make a formal presentation to the pastor, pastoral administrator, director of religious education, principal or high school chaplain within a week of receiving the check. It is suggested that a picture of the presentation be taken for council, parish and school publicity purposes.


The Religious Education Fund raises money each year to provide grants to Catholic parishes by selling raffle tickets. Ticket donations may be solicited from any interested party and are not limited to Knights of Columbus members. The suggested donation is $100 per ticket and multiple people may go together to purchase a ticket.

Twenty-eight prizes totaling $68,000 will be awarded with a grand prize of $25,000. Winning tickets will be drawn at the Mid-Year Meeting of the District Deputies in December. Successful ticket holders will be notified immediately after the drawing. Fund will be distributed after the Mid-Year meeting.

This fund raising raffle has been approved by the Kansas State Attorney General’s office.

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