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Major Degree Responsibilities

District Deputy’s Responsibilities in Hosing Exemplification of Major Degrees

The host District Deputy is responsible for securing a Second Degree Team if their district does not have a certified staff.

Letters to neighboring district deputies and councils should be sent at least four weeks prior to the date selected for your major degree.  This letter must clearly state all charges to councils bringing candidates and for all other activities which may be planned in conjunction with the exemplification.

At least two weeks prior to the date of the exemplification, the host district deputy should contact the grand knights of his district and those of neighboring districts to determine the approximate number of candidates each are planning to bring.

The week before the ceremonials, another survey of the councils should be taken in order to determine the approximate size of the class.  If it appears that there will be less than (10) candidates, cancellation of degree should be considered.

Ten days prior to the degree date, the district deputy must contact the assigned Conferring Officer giving him directions and details for the day.

On the day of the degree, a member should be assigned to watch for the Conferring Officer and staff and escort them to a room where they can dress and make preparations for the ceremonial.

The district deputy should ask grand knights to encourage attendance by their membership.  This could be done through the council bulletin, church bulletin, or by a telephone committee.  Candidates are always impressed when a large group of members are present to observe the exemplification.

Proposer should contact their candidates well in advance of the exemplification date to confirm their availability on the scheduled date.  Then on the day of the degree the proposer must personally pick up and accompany the candidate to the ceremonial.  If the proposer is unable to do this, the grand knight or membership director should assign a member to act in his place.  Never let a candidate go to a degree by himself.

Allowable Degree Charges

Charges for a Third Degree staff are set by the Kansas State Council.  These charges are $150.00 plus $5.00 for each third degree medallion per new member.  As a courtesy, it is suggested that team members be provided free refreshments and lunch, if one is being served.

Host councils may charge $10.00 total per candidate, $5.00 per candidate participating in the Third Degree and $5.00 per candidate for the medallion. Anything above that must be agreed upon by all councils bringing candidates prior to the degree.

Charges for a Second Degree team coming from another district are to be set and determined by the district deputies involved.  The Kansas State Council does not do this since the ideal situation is for every district to have its own Second Degree staff.  Some compensation should be considered for a Second Degree staff from another district.

If a district has its own Second Degree staff, councils within the district are not to be charged for bringing their candidates to the Second Degree.  Councils from outside of the district may be charged a maximum of $2.00 per candidate.  If a district has to bring in a Second Degree staff outside of his district then all councils are subject to the $2.00 per candidate charge.

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