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Through ceremonials a candidate will form his first impression of the Knights of Columbus. This impression will be a lasting one and may well determine a candidate’s eagerness to become an active or passive member of your council. Therefore, all ceremonials must be properly conducted from memory to ensure that the candidate is edified and will want to advance to the higher degrees of our Order.


A First Degree Team in every council.
A Second Degree Team in every district.
ALL TEAMS using the updated ceremonials.
All Parts of all degrees totally memorized.

First Degree

Every council should have its own First Degree team. A newly recruited candidate will lose interest if made to wait a long time before being initiated. The Grand Knight must appoint a council ceremonials chairman whose responsibility it is to recruit and train members to server on the ceremonial team as well as backup personnel. The new first degree ceremonial is to be used with all parts memorized and delivered in a clear and concise manner.

First Degree team members are certified by the District Deputy.

  All teams must be re-certified in the new first Degree Ceremonial.

Second Degree

More emphasis needs to be placed on establishing additional Second Degree teams throughout the state The District Deputy has the responsibility to recruit and train Second Degree team members plus backups. Councils within the district are urged to cooperate with their District Deputy in meeting this responsibility. There have been occasions in the past where exemplification of major degrees have been in jeopardy due to the unavailability of a Second Degree Team. We must remedy this situation. The new second degree ceremonial should now be used and all teams must be re-certified in this Second Degree Ceremonial.

Certification of Second Degree team members is done by the State Deputy or the State Ceremonials Chairman


Third Degree

Dates and sites for exemplification of a major degree are subject to approval of the State Deputy. Districts or councils who wish to host a major degree should select the date and location early and request approval. Every effort will be made to honor your request and team preference. However, due to scheduling we can not guarantee dates or your team preference. It is suggested that major degrees be sponsored by all councils within the district with one council serving as host. The cost is then pro-rated equally between all councils thus not placing a financial burden on the council which agreed to host a major degree. This will enable all councils, large or small, the opportunity to serve as host council.

Ceremonial Books, Robes, Jewels & Paraphernalia

All ceremonial books are serialized and assigned by the Supreme Council. Worn or tattered books can be replaced at no charge provided the old books are returned to the Supreme Council. Lost books can be replaced but a charge of $10 per entire book or $5 per particular part will be assessed prior to issuance of a replacement copy. The Financial Secretary can request an INITIAL set of First Degree books at no charge for any council never having a set assigned to them. Form #132 in the Reports Form Booklet is used for this purpose. Requests for Second or third Degree ceremonial books must be made by the District Deputy or State Deputy respectively. Robes, jewels and all other degree paraphernalia can be ordered directly through Lynch & Kelly.

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