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Council Growth and Development

The Knights of Columbus theme for this year is “Faith, Family, Fraternity – Recruit a Knight”! This theme exemplifies the benefits of our Order. While Most of you understand this statement and have a deep appreciation for what the Knights do, many others do not. We must promote the Knights of Columbus and educate others on the Knights and our deep connections and contributions tot he church. This will help with membership if prospective members have a clear understanding of what the Knights of Columbus is about!

The Kansas Knights of Columbus retention program is based on the principles of our Order: Charity, Unity, and Fraternity. Retention of our current members is vital to the growth of our Order. No matter how many men we recruit, if we don’t retain our current members we will not grow.Do not be so willing to drop members. Work to retain them as once they are lost, often they are lost forever.Retention begins during recruitment and every council needs to understand this.

It is essential that the Order continue to grow. This can be accomplished in one of two ways: by th institution of a new council or by the establishment of a Parish Round Table. Our task of developing new councils has been streamlined and we now have guidelines and procedures which allow a council to be chartered in as little as seven weeks.

Contact the Council Growth and Development Co-Chairmen for questions or assistance with developing and growing your council.

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