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New Council Development

In 1882, Father Michael J. McGivney set a goal of one Knights Council in every Catholic parish, and today we are much closer to that goal. However, there is still a long way to go, and everyone can contribute.

1 - Survey the Area - Are the existing councils attracting the vast majority of Catholic men in the area?

2 - Contact the Pastor - After determining that there is the potential to start a new council, meet with the pastor of the parish for mpermission to proceed.

3 - Contact the State Deputy and the Field Agent

4 - Initial Recruitment Drive and Organizational Meeting - Set a date for the initial recruitment drive. Provide th parish priest with a pulpit announcement and a notice for the parish bulletin. Be prepared to hand out literature after all masses. Invite the wives to the meeting.

5 - First Degree - Do not wait to have a first degree. Utilize the first degree teams in your district to provide as many first degrees as needed.

Parish Round Table Program - This program provides Knights of Columbus representation to a parish not ready to institute a new council by making the tremendous manpower of the Order available to every priest and parish. Contact the State new Council Development Chairman for more information on this program.

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