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The Kansas Knight of Columbus 2013 - 2014 retention goal is to keep suspensions as low as possible. Retention of our current members is vital to the growth of our Order. We need every member in our Order to take an active role in the retention process. To achieve this goal, we must do the following:

- Stay in contact with all members in your council. “Fraternity in Action” is a program that, when implemented in your council, will keep you in contact with your members through regularly scheduled phone calls or personal visits.

- Keep all members in your council informed of all council activities and meetings.

- Include every member in your council in at least one activity.

- Have a well-defined purpose for all programs.

- User the “Knights in Shining Armor” program to give newly recruited Knights goals to meet during their first year of Knighthood.

- Follow the correct billing procedure for dues. If a member becomes delinquent in his dues, follow the retention procedures outlined in the “Proper billing procedures including use of the Notice of Intene to Suspend” flyer.

- Have the retention committee make personal contact with all of the delinquent members. Face-to-face contact works best, but letters and phone calls can also help

By following these guidelines we will reach our goal of reducing suspension and keeping every man in our Order active. Remember, we are “first and always Catholic” and with prayer and God’s help, we can all have an “Experience of a Lifetime”.

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