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As Knights of Columbus members we have a moral obligation to give other good Catholic men the opportunity to grow in their faith by serving their church and community at a greater level.  Many times volunteering through the Knights of Columbus helps men become better husbands, fathers and citizens. The Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus 127 years ago with a vision and that vision has grown to over 1.76 million members, over 36,000 in Kansas alone.  This past year our order donated over $150 million to charitable causes and volunteered more than 68 million hours to those in need.

The theme of this year’s recruiting program in Kansas is “Faith – Family - Fraternity Recruit a Knight”.  This is a reminder of what the essence of membership in the Knights of Columbus is and of the importance of bringing in new members for Kansas. A focus of the recruiting program this year is for every district and council to develop a plan for recruiting new members. Recruiting new members is essential to the continued growth and well-being of each council and the order.

What tools are needed to ensure a successful recruitment effort?
-Organize your membership committee
-Build a prospect list by comparing your council roster to the parish roster
-Conduct a membership blitz
-One-on-one recruiting, two-on-one recruiting, husband and wife recruiting teams
-Hold a church drive and enlist the pastor’s support
-Promote the benefits of membership by sponsoring a Knights information night
-Recruit former members
-Conduct open houses
-Explain the concept of the 24-hour Knight
-Schedule and conduct frequent 1st degrees

If we make it a priority every month at every meeting and at every council activity to ask eligible Catholic men and their families to join us in our commitment to the Church and community, our order will grow in numbers and in strength in the great state of Kansas.  As we increase the size of our membership, we also increase our ability to help make our society a better place for all through our volunteer efforts.

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