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The objective and purpose of this program is to compile and document a biography of the Knights of Columbus, the subordinate councils and Fourth Degree Assemblies while continuing to establish reference material relating to the Order in Kansas.

In July each District Deputy will receive a History Status Report stating what fraternal year reports are on file and what reports are needed of each council in his district. The District Deputy will also receive a letter addressed to each respective council with a status report of its history on file and encouraging the council to keep its history current. The State Historian’s research of the Archives is also offered to those seeking information.

In February each Grand Knight and Faithful Navigator will receive a letter stating the council or assembly history on file, an annual History Update Report form and the date the report is due. The Council and the Assembly Historian are asked to file the annualy History UPdate Report form and any other printed material documenting the history of the council or assembly with the State Historian.

The annual History Status Report is due April 1 of the fraternal year. Any activities not listed may be reported at the end of the Fraternal Year as a supplement to the report. The historians are encourages to file their report(s) by using email. The report form can also be found on this website.

The only award this program can offer ist he satisfaction of knowing that the council or assembly has contributed to the preservation of the history of the Order in Kansas.

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