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With the cooperation of the Catholic newspapers in Kansas and with your assistance, more than 100,000 families in Kansas will be informed of the programs and activities of the Knights of Columbus through the publication of the Knight’s-Lite, the state Knights of Columbus newspaper.

The Knight’s-Lite will be printed four times during the fraternal year in the diocesan newspapers of Kansas. Each edition will be two full tab size pages featuring state Knights of Columbus programs, news and activities. There will be no advertising in these issues.

In order to meet publishing deadlines and allow ample time to set up stories and pictures, deadlines must be set for each issue. Any information received after the deadline date may be considered for use in the following issue. Please refer to the calendar on this website and watch the Explorer for the deadline dates. Please keep in mind that we too must meet the deadlines of the diocesan newspapers, therefore it is most important that we receive all articles for the Knight’s-Lite by our deadline.

Article Guidelines

- Columns and articles from State Officers, program directors and chairmen will have priority for publication. State sponsored events and activities will also be used. Council sponsored projects, events, or activities will only be used as space permits.

- If the council publicity chairmen have any notable news items that they feel would be beneficial to ALL Knights throughout the state and would like them publicized in the Knight’s-Lite, please mail the article to the Knight’s-Lite Editor. The information will be used as space permits.

- Editing will be done as needed.

- Articles may be mailed directly to the Knight’s-Lite Editor, faxed, or e-mailed, However, if you e-mail your article, it is requested that you also send a copy by mail or fax a copy.

- Photos of high quality and definition may be sent by mail or e-mailed. Pictures e-mailed should be sent as an attachment to your article. Please identify all people in the pictures from left to right.

- Articles, pictures and information should be sent to the State Program Chairman or directly to the Knight’s-Lite Editor.

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