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The goal of fraternal activities is to maintain a strong, friendly and fraternal atmosphere throughout your council with your members and their families. Offer programs that create interest, maintain enthusiasm and build pride in membership. Welcome new members to the council. Invite them to relate something about themselves. Discuss their interest and get them active in council activities as soon as possible.

Here are some programs in which the council may participate, but don’t limit the activities to only the ones shown.. Be creative and do what works best for your council

FRATERNAL RECOGNITION: Recognition is very important to everyone, especially to those whose work is exemplary. Use of the council and parish newsletters, certificates of merit, corporate communions, family nights, awards banquets and recognizing Knights help build awareness and pride among members. Let brother Knights know they are appreciated.

KNIGHT OF THE MONTH: Brother Knights should be chosen for exemplary service to church, community, council, family and youth, The Grand Knight or a selection committee may choose the Knight each month. The Grand Knight or the head of the committee should present a Knight of the Month Certificate, form #1476, to the recipient at a council function. A State Knight of the Month will be selected on the 16th day of the following month. Only one name per council per month will be accepted. The applications can be found on the next page and on the state website. A certificate and crucifix will be sent to the Grand Knight for presentation to the State Knight of the Month.

KNIGHT OF THE YEAR: Each council should select a Knight of the Year. Complete the entry form and submit it to the District Deputy no later than March 10th. The District winner must be forwarded to the Diocesan Judge no later than March 20th for consideration for the State night of the Year. Diocesan winners and the State Knight of the Year will be recognized at the state convention.

STATE EMAILING PROGRAM: Notices are sent in the event of sickness or death of a past or present state officer, director, chairman, general agent, field agent, team captain, district deputy, grand knight or a member of their immediate family. State personnel, including district deputies, must notify the state webmaster if their email address changes. Grand knights and other members can sign up to receive these email notices by using the form on the state website. That form is currently at the bottom of the home page.

MEMORIAL MASS: During the month of November each council should hold a memorial mass for their deceased brother Knights. Consult with your parish priest before planning thie event. If approved, invite the widows and/or families of the deceased Knihts. This is an excellent way to recognize the widows and family members of your council’s deceased brothers.

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