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Emergency Disaster Aid Program (EDAP)

The Emergency Disaster Aid Program (EDAP) is designed to provide immediate help to people who have had large material losses to their residence because of a NATURAL DISASTER (fire, flood, tornado, etc.). WITH PRIOR APPROVAL, up to $500 per family is available from this fund regardless of race, creed or color.  It IS NOT designed to replace insurance, government assistance and the like, nor take care of health needs.

The procedures to follow are:

1.  The GRAND KNIGHT, or his appointed representative, should check with the victims of the natural disaster to ascertain their immediate needs - food, clothing, temporary shelter, etc. (items such as furniture, toys, electronics, appliances, etc., are not considered an “immediate” need.)

2.  The GRAND KNIGHT then contacts the Charities Aid President and explains the needs - as well as indicating what the council plans to do to help. (If the Charities Aid President cannot be reached, call the Charities Aid Vice-President. Click here for a listing of the Charities Aid Foundation officers and their contact information.

3.  If the request is approved, the local council should arrange for a store (or stores) to provide the necessary clothes or groceries for the family.  Be sure the stores provide the itemized listing of the items provided.

4.  The local council must pay the bill and send the receipted itemized statements to the Charities Aid President.  He will forward same to the State Treasurer, so the council can be reimbursed.

REMEMBER the Charities Aid President can approve requests UP TO $500 per family, with full reimbursement being provided to the council. Although there are no longer any matching funds required from the local council, they are encouraged to participate with additional funds as well. A maximum of $500 will be reimbursed only after printed receipts totaling the entire grant are submitted to the Charities Aid President.

Under EDAP regulations, cash grants cannot be provided to funds set up for assistance to victims.
Also, make sure your council supports the “Pennies From Heaven” program thus assuring this help can continue to be provided.

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